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We have seating for 60 people.
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We allow you to bring your own food. Coffee and tea is included with all rentals.
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We will create a registration page on our website ( which will allow you to sell multiple ticket variations for your event. After the event, we will provide all your order and registration information in a spreadsheet and transfer your money by check, Zelle, or Paypal.
Would you like to record the audio or video of the event? *
With our overhead camera and AV equipment, we can capture high-quality video footage of your event, which you can use to create e-courses and promotions. We will provide an on-site professional to manage our A/V system and recording suite during your event.
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We will create a page on our website to host your event's video live feed and provide an on-site professional to manage the presentation, live stream and technical support for your event.
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